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How to be creative online?


Teaching online can be challenging and even intimidating. How do you keep learners engaged and participating? How can you ensure your lessons are communicative and that your students are learning?

In this 3- hour interactive online workshop, we look at best practices for teaching young learners online. We will look at a range of communicative tasks that we can use to engage students, encourage interaction and support their learning in the online classroom.

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Workshop enseñanza creativa online

Workshop enseñanza creativa online

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We cover:

  • Providing creative skills and resources to create your lesson

  • Adapting tasks for online lessons

  • Adapting classroom teaching techniques to be an effective e-teacher

This online workshop will be beneficial to English and subject teachers in public schools, international schools and private training centres as well as to private tutors.

  • Discounts available for school block bookings and teacher groups


Be the change !

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